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Embellished by Deja

Spring Colorburst Waistbead

Spring Colorburst Waistbead

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Spring Colorburst Waistbead 

Handmade, customized length multicolor traditional tie-on or clasp closure waist bead

Clasp closure: gold-filled or gold-plated clasp closure

HOW TO TIE YOUR WAISTBEADS: Wrap your full strand of waist beads around your waist along your panty line or the location you want to wear the beads. Remove any additional beads by pulling them off the string.  Be sure not to tie them too tight. Leave enough room for sitting, bloating, and bending. Tie 3-4 tight knots where the beads end. Once you are sure the beads are secure, cut off the excess string and beads (you may leave about 1/2 cm or more if you plan on burning the clipped ends with a lighter). 

NOTE: For clasp closure, please provide adequate contact information (phone and/or email) so we may contact you to inquire about your exact waist size. Alternatively, you can send an email to with the information. Failure to respond to our 3 contact attempts will result in cancellation and refund of your order. Thank you.


Beads may be a choking hazard for children. Please keep out of reach of children under 10 years of age.

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